Biggest thing to come out of the south is Alexis Texas

The face of the Pope is not on the U.S. Dollar so morality is no longer a criterion for making money. These days everything is going commercial, religion has gone commercial, even nudity too has gone commercial. Not everyone can climb to fame with clothes on, some actually climbed faster to fame being lighter without clothes, such is the case of our globally famed pornstars. Let us examine some of these pornstars that have made a juicy living for themselves in the adult film industry.

The most popular porn actress still in the trade at present is Alexis Texas. She recently famously stole the headlines in company of her pornstar colleague Nikki Benz when they campaigned for gender equality with no shirts on. When it comes to hardcore porn, Alexis Texas is a pacesetter proper who knows her onions, it is no flattery when she is called a veteran in the porn industry- she actually is. Alexis Texas has been in the porn industry for over nine years and has to her name over five hundred adult films. It is no doubt either that she is inarguably the first porn actress you would mention when you want to call those who have spent jolly time in the adultĀ  film. Her infamous backside has won her famous plaudits tracking over 890 million views on xvideos alone while raking in another amazing count of views on YouHam which well exceeds 32 million. Every year on Google, Alexis Texas is searched no less than 25 million times. And on Twitter, she has made a strong niche for herself rocking her 830,000 followers.


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